Charitable Donations

Memories is a community oriented employer based in Kingston, NH.  Our first priority is to the customers we serve and our staff that make it all happen.  We endeavor to provide a safe and friendly environment that offers outstanding service and unbeatable frozen desserts.

We regularly support our community through charitable donations.  Because the demand is so high, we have established guidelines for our giving.

Each year, Memories allocates a specific giving budget of money and resources.   We have two priorities for this effort.  Our giving focus is to events that directly support the children in our community in terms of their development into self-sufficient adults, with the spirit and capabilities needed in business, leadership roles and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Essentially, we look to support the programs designed to create independence and self-sufficiency in today’s youth.   Additionally, Memories appreciates the efforts of our police, firefighters and other emergency personnel.  These first responders put their life on the line every day and we will endeavor to support the families of those that have made the greatest sacrifice, giving their life to make our community a safer place.

While we appreciate the wide variety of charitable programs that exist and the wonderful objectives of them all, we are a small business of limited resources and must focus our efforts in a manner that we can have the greatest impact.  

To request a charitable donation, please send a letter explaining how your request aligns with our charitable giving strategy.  We will respond within two weeks of receiving the request.

Employment Opportunities

Memories Ice Cream is an Equal Opportunity Employer.   We hire ambitious, hard-working individuals who are 16 or older with occasional openings for energetic 14 & 15 yr olds.

Our hiring is generally completed in February - March but periodically, additional staff is needed.   Applications are available at the store during normal business hours.   Please stop in to pickup an application.