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Thank you for your interest in Memories Ice Cream wholesale super-premium ice cream.

Memories is fully equipped to help you with your ice cream needs.   From specialty and customer flavors to differentiate your menu to ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes or

We operate a very busy retail store in our Kingston, NH manufacturing facility which we  also make available for training our wholesale customers.   If you decide to serve our super-premium ice cream, you can attend our training session at your convenience and at no cost to you!

Memories manufactures only the finest super-premium ice cream.  Our philosophy is that if you serve the best ice cream in town, you will attract more customers and keep them coming back for more. This philosophy has worked for us for 20+years, and we know it will work well for you.

Please take into consideration the following advantages you will gain by serving Memories super-premium ice cream: 

  • Lower overrun (the air added to the ice cream mix) resulting in a creamier, smoother taste.
    To be called super-premium, an ice cream's overrun must be lower than 50%. Memories super-premium ice cream has an overrun of 35%. This allows you to receive at least 58-60, five-ounce scoops from each of our 2-1/2-gallon cartons of super-premium ice cream.
  • Higher butterfat giving a richer taste.
    To be called super-premium an ice cream's butterfat must be 14% or higher. Memories super-premium ice cream has a 14% butterfat content.
  • Reduced "volume loss" due to scooping.
    With 100% overrun, approximately 50% of the carton is filled with air and the other half is cream. Therefore, as you scoop out of the carton you compress the ice cream and push the air out of it resulting in "volume loss". You can greatly reduce "volume loss" and receive more scoops per carton by using Memories super-premium ice cream since only 30% of our carton is filled with air.
  • Smaller ice crystals resulting in a smoother product.
    Memories low-overrun super-premium ice cream contains smaller ice crystals because it contains less air. Smaller ice crystals reduce product "graininess", which is caused when the product is warmed to scooping temperature and exposed to air.
  • Over 45 flavors to choose from.
    With products ranging from super-premium ice cream to low-fat frozen yogurt to sorbet & sherbet,  Memories has an option for all frozen dessert lovers!
  • Made with an all-natural ice cream mix.
    Our base mix made only of rich cream from rbGH-free cows, real cane sugar and other high-quality ingredients.   You can be sure that our super-premium ice cream is the best around!


  • 2-1/2 gallon boxes for scooping.  Our boxes optimize facings in your cabinet.  In a 4 facing cabinet, you will get 6 boxes.
  • Pre-Packaged Products include Ice Cream Sandwiches, 10oz cups, Pints, Quarts and 1/2 gallons.